Rathwood Easter train

We were kindly invited by Rathwood to experience their Easter event last weekend as they prepare for the chocolate eating, egg hunting, bunny chasing season!

We were scheduled on the 1:20pm train and advised to arrive 20 minutes early (We arrived slightly after 1pm). We took sleeping baby sous chef and put her in her sling as MM got herself out and we headed for the train. The staff in Rathwood were very accommodating in helping us find our way to the “train station”!

Our event began by meeting a “bunny detective” she was going to help us track down the Easter bunny and get some Easter eggs. She had a very eager persona with the kids, was very interactive and got responses from them so I think it’s fair to say she did a good job. The Easter Bunny also made a quick appearance to say hello.


Next the kids made bunny detector glasses and were given bunny ears headbands. The glasses were made using an individual craft type box with all the items needed to make the final detector glasses. Parent’s helped with the glasses and it was a nice activity to do.

We were also all given a bunny ears headband (the kids) which were soft enough for me to put on baby sous chef (7 months old). They were lovely and we still have ours. while we waited for the train to arrive, some kids sang songs and chatted with the bunny dectective.


Once aboard, we headed for Goose Island where the Bunny Dedective got off in search of the golden egg while we on board shouted panto phrases at her to direct her to where the egg was! She climbed back aboard and we headed for the woodland where the egg hunt began. Kids ran in all directions, mine at top speed, filling her bucket with eggs. The eggs were decorative and so it didn’t really matter how many each child collected.


Next we entered a barn for a colouring of an Easter egg and returned the baskets and eggs. The picture would be entered into a competition.


The train ended by dropping us off at a yard with silegae bales where again the kids ran in all directions in search of more eggs. This led us to a garden with a tellitubby like house and wooden door! Who could live here?

After a polite knock on the door the bunny himself answered! The kids were very excited and each received a very generous sized golden wrapped Easter egg!

The tickets are good value for money. A child costs €10 and an adult ticket is €6. We also received a free hot xhocolate per child which we enjoyed in the main restaurant with a bowl of soup and slice of cake (which by the way is the size of a cake). Both were reasonably priced considering the portion size.

We thankfully had a fantastic day of sunshine which meant we could avail of the playground so all in all we were at Rathwood for about 4 hours. We had a really good day and would recommend it.

Note: We were given free entry to the Rathwood Easter Train in return for this review. All opinions are our own.




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