Where does food come from?

I’ve previously written a piece relating to Geography and how it can make an appearance presenting an amazing learning opportunity while packing away the shopping simply by looking at labels and pinning/highlighting a map.

More recently I have ventured closer to home to answer the question not focusing on the subject of georgraphy but science.

For the past year I have been attending an agricultural college studying food production and science among other subjects of interest to me, relating to the blog and enabling me to answer questions like “where does this come from?” taking a new approach and more scientific stance.  My last class was a practical afternoon spent milking. No I wasn’t sitting on a stool, using my hands. I was operating a highly technical machine which milked 120 + cows in 30 minutes. I was amongst people who have their own dairy farms who have robot milking machines where the farmer does not even have to be present!

I have another 6 months remaining until I complete and graduate and I am feeling very ready to answer questions for the kids out there who wonder how and where their lunch has come from and the steps it took to get from farm to fork. The food industry is our largest export industry and maybe by educating our children on it, we not only encourage fussy eaters to eat but educate them for the possibility of employment in the future.



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