Weaning on the go!

For baby number two, life is automatically more adventurous. There’s less pyjama days and more school running and after school activities. To make life easier but remain as healthy as possible it helps to be prepared in advance and for this it helps to have specifically designed and tested equipment.

Last month I received a food flask and set of 6 baby potz from Siobhan Berry at Mummy Cooks to review.


The flask was something I had been actually looking for for my 6 year olds school lunches so when I heard it could also be used to keep baby food warm for up to 6 hours I was happy to accept it for review.

To use the flask you simply fill it with boiling water for 5 minutes, then either fill it with fresh food or if it’s for baby, put a baby potz (with warmed food) into the warm flask and close.


I have to say it is a great product. We were out and about with friends over the Easter hols and served baby sous chef fresh food at an ease.

We have lived in Portugal where schools provide dinner style lunches to the kids which I really liked. To know that they are having healthy home cooked warm food is comforting especially when they are gobbling them up. MM (the eldest) is now very protective of her food flask that she doesn’t see a day go by shes not thinking of a lunch request. Maybe I’ll do a separate blog post someday to share her meal plan for the week. When I asked her what she’d give it out of 10 she said “one thousand, one hundred and ten thousand thousand” so its fair to say she was impressed too! She enjoyed personalising it too! Check out the letters on the front.


As for baby sous chef, we’ve been on the go eating warm lunches without the panic of looking for warm bowls of water to heat food when we’re out and about. The baby potz are great for food storage, portion sizes and having food on the go.

Mummy Cooks sells both online and in selected stores nationwide. A food flask will set you back €15.99 (price as per 27/4/2017) and baby potz vary from €3.99.  All My Toddler Cooks readers can avail of a 10% discount at http://www.mummycooks.com by entering promotional code “ToddlerCooks” at the checkout.

Note: I received the food flask and 6 baby potz for purpose of review. All opinions are my own and there are no affiliate links or commissions in this post just an honest review by one Mummy who cooks for another!




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