If I keep Spring cleaning, do you think Spring might actually come……

Maybe if I go through anywhere thats still a little cluttered and loosen it up, then the Spring will come, the sun will shine without the reflection of the rain, and I’ll feel like getting out and about for more than just a couple of consecutive days. It’s ridiculous this year. Yes, I am a fan of embracing the weather with appropriate weather proof clothing but this year is just crazy. It’s passed the point of embracing.

Anyways today, as part of my keep cleaning and maybe spring will come motto, we’ve made new crayons from our old ones. They’ve turned out funky and we’re ready to get our grove on in the crafting dept.

It’s really simple to do. Simply break up the old crayons into small pieces and put into a cookie tray (try different shapes) or cupcake tray and place in the oven at 150C until melted which was about 10 minutes for us. Leave to harden and they should just pop out with the help of a knife around the edges.

We have brand new crayons for back to school on Monday, made out of a really ugly clutter.


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