How to Learn Geography in the Kitchen

Where does your fruit and veg come from?

Do your children know that it doesn’t just come from the shop or the fruit bowl? Granted in some cases they come from our own gardens but not in all cases.

Why not use the kitchen to learn about the Geography of the World.

Children, especially young children have a natural curiosity for amazing facts and are inquisitive about their world around them. Next time you go shopping in the fruit and veg isle, note the origin of the foods you’re buying.

Image source

Are they strawberries from Ireland?, Tomatoes from Italy? or maybe Mangoes from the Dominican Republic? Keep the packets and find the places on the map. Even use a blank world map and colour the countries on there once you’ve found them. Talk about the type of journey the produce had. By starting off the topic, you will no doubt dive deeper into more information. By just opening the discussion, the children will naturally begin doing what they do best…… asking questions! You can take as long or as little as you like. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not even try a recipe from the country of the foods origin.


We’ve just tracked mangoes that arrived from Jamaica. But they came on a plane so they’re super fresh and we couldn’t be more excited to eat them. This is our favourite website for Jamaican recipes. Please share any other sites you’ve come across that explores world foods/recipes.



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