Can I make our snack today?

“Mommy, you sit down and I will make the snack today” ….. Everyone’s dream right?. I love that a child can have the independence and confidence to offer a family snack!

So I sat down patiently and helped the “coffee shop lady” prepare the menu. We were trying to come up with a nice balanced menu where every item wasn’t served with sugar sprinkles! ……

Boom!!! Wyldsson Hazelnut & Cocoa spread could be the sweet ingredient, but little would MT know that it’s actually a healthy alternative. So upon my suggestion, she rushed to the fridge to find it and went straight to work slicing the banana. I was served as is shown in the photo. Simple presentation and I have to say it tasted really good.

The only thing I will say about the hazelnut & cocoa spread was that it is more like a peanut butter spread alternative than Nutella. We have made our own Nutella before and it was hazelnut based. This spread is predominantly cashew nut based and so it doesn’t have that hazelnut smell and taste that could trick kids into thinking its Nutella. MT enjoyed it regardless and I’m happy to have it as an alternative when we don’t have our own homemade Nutella stash in full supply.

Playing coffee shop is good fun for a rainy day activity and it offers lots of opportunity for the development of lots of core areas of development. Learning through play.

My Toddler Cooks

Please note: we purchased the spread independently and were not asked to do a review. 



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