The N-X of Netflix

Streaming tv from the Internet is now a pretty familiar and common happening in households, and the word Netflix is used by kids naturally just like Google. Our DVD collection is on standby and may never expand again! And this is all thanks to a little black box #applebox and an online subscription with Netflix. Here’s our N-X of Netflix!

Never miss an episode. Or do what I and many others are guilty of… Watching episodes back to back – no more waiting for a week to find out what’s going to happen! Just make sure you have coffee in the pot for the next morning!

Everyone gets their own account. Everyone (up to 5) can watch independently and manage their own preferences.

Trailers, there are none! No ad breaks, no interruptions – you can pause at your leisure and pick up from where you left off…even on another devise if you like. So you can even pick up on your iPad/phone on the morning commute on the bus/train!

Family friendly – children can choose what they want to watch themselves because of how their accounts are set up. Children can be independent and parents can be comfortable with the security. This is one of my favourite features.

Learning – both children and adults can learn from the variety of documentaries and early learning section which includes Baby Einstein episodes and Baby First. My current area of learning interest in in food and I have enjoyed the documentaries Food Matters, The Kids Menu and Fed Up.

Internet based which is updated with new episodes and seasons, movies and cartoons all the time. Because it is internet based suggestions are made for each Individual account based on what you have watched previously.

X+Y – if you’re looking for somewhere to start! This is about a boy with an exceptional appitude for maths but does not do well socially until a caring teacher helps to show him his true potential. It has 4.5 stars.

My personal Netflix addictions include Reign, Orange is the NewBlack and Bloodline. My little sous chef loves Bo on the Go, an active cartoon which encourages kids to move around during the show. She also loves Puffin Rock which I have to say I get hypnotised by our very own Chris O’Dowd’s voice who does a lovely narration while the children learn about nature, friendship and family.

I’ve just finished season two of Reign and should really get to bed! I can’t recommend it enough! I’ve even learned lots of history while following the gripping storyline.


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