Netflix – #StreamTeam Post

My Toddler Cooks has in recent months become an official #StreamTeam member. It has been our first introduction to Netflix and having on demand T.V. readily available to watch, pause, finish watching and re-watch at our leisure and we have all loved it. Here are some of my favourite features:

  1. Being interrupted while watching the finale of my favourite T.V. show, only to be made aware the next time I logged in, that it had paused automatically and was ready for me to pick up where I left off! AMAZING treat for a mommy!
  2. Everyone having their own individual area (see picture below). Kids can only watch children content as their age is set while setting up their user area. It means the kids can browse without being constantly barked at!

Netflix 1    3.      Recommended watching based on what I’ve watched already has introduced me to some of my favourite documentary’s &shows that I might not have found otherwise.

   4.         Finding children’s shows based on the characters pictures. This again allows kids to browse independently.

  5.  Allowing you to log in on two devices means that everyone can be happy and takes away that fighting over the remote problem that filters into everyone’s t.v. time!

Here is our favourite shows so far:

    MT’s favourite’s  

  1. Popples
  2. Bo on the Go!
  3. Puffin Rock
  4. Blue Planet
  5. Planet Earth

My favourite’s

  1. Chef’s Table
  2. Fed Up (highly recommended watch)
  3. Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy
  4. Devious Maids
  5. Reign

If you haven’t already signed up to Netflix, you can get a free trial on their website. Enjoy!


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