Eat Happy Project: Autumn Muffins

I understand when parents tell me that it can be difficult to involve kids in the kitchen. Many days coming in from work exhausted and greeted by energetic kids wanting to know how they will finish off their day.

Often parents think…. Oh if only I had the ingredients to make this or that! Or I wish I had the creativity or the patience…. Well, I have something that is going to help you and it is with thanks to the wonderful Eat Happy Project in association with Tesco U.K.

They are called Autumn Muffin’s and I guarantee that 95% of you will have the ingredients in your kitchen to tackle them straight away.

There are lots of motor muscle builders as well as measuring and counting opportunities in this recipe.  The Eat Happy Project also include skills videos, like this:

I have watched some of these videos with MT and she loves following along while watching/imitating the kids demonstrating.

MT not only loved making these, but also eating them which was good because they’re filled with apple and carrot. We made 12 in total. We ate some for supper, some for breakfast and put others in the freezer to share with Daddy!

Here’s the recipe link followed by the video –

 Autumn Muffins Recipe (Click here)

We hope you have as much fun as we did…….


We made an Autumn Mini Loaf also to add our own creativity to the activity and it turned out beautifully!


Grating the carrot


Adding the carott


Spooning the mixture using a real but child sized scoop spoon


Pouring and mixing egg into the milk and oil


Coring the apple (I was very close by to supervise this one)


MT had fun watching the milk and oil separate.

My Toddler Cooks were asked to review this recipe. All opinions are our own. Thank you for reading.


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