The 5 best things about Fathers Day pasta making

It’s not just for Father’s Day… it’s for any day

This week my brother made pasta with his almost 3 year old daughter. He described the process and it seems very easy. The beauty of it is that you can mix up your own recipe together to include ingredients that might not be so popular individually on the dinner plate #fussyeaters!

Imagine how proud your children would be not only for making their own pasta but for eating something they don’t usually like. A definite high 5 moment.

I found this pasta machine on Amazon and think I may have to invest.

I also found Jamie Oliver’s pasta recipe online that you can adapt.

So seeing as Father’s Day is coming up I’ve decided that this is the perfect way to spend it and here’s why:

1. Daddies love dinner.

2. Sometimes Daddies don’t get enough time to do activities with the kids.

3. Kids love showing off for Daddies and with this activity there is so much that the children can do independently.

4. It gives Mammy a night off cooking dinner too!!

5. There is a dish for everyone with pasta! I love Jamie Oliver’s recipes on his website. 

If you’re still not sure, just take a look at these adorable Daddy Daughter photos…..

Step 1- Mixing  the ingredients.

Step 2- Feeding the pasta machine

Step 3- Turning the pasta handle

Step 4- Cook the pasta

Step 5- Enjoy

Happy Father’s Day to my big brother and thanks for sharing these lovely photos! and Happy Father’s Day to you all whatever you manage to get up to!



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