Will you play with me? Pleeeeeeaase?? 

Next time you hear this question you should jump to attention!! There’s so much more to simple games than what we see at face value. Yesterday, we played restaurant and through this simple game, unknown to MT, she was reading and writing. She learned 4 new words……. learning and having so much fun.

Reading started out with prompt drawings. I designed the menu on the left. We are going to upgrade it and colour it in seeing MT enjoyed it so much.

photo 1

Once MT decided what she wanted to order she started to write…

photo 2

Later, after the order was taken (MT had copied the text from the menu) reading was text only.

photo 3Why not  even have different types of restaurants, changing the menus to suit and adding to that word bank! Even laminate the menus so you can play with them again and again. Once the kids know how to play the game you will see them actually show their friends and then you can sit back and enjoy watching! Remember the key is fun!

Tip: This game can be adapted to help children with their spellings if they are school going and find it hard to learn them.

If you try this game, make sure to show us a photo of your menu – you can use the hashtag #learningisfun.


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