I am the Mum who….

Thanks to Nicola from Simply Homemade for the nomination. It took me a little while but here it is!

I am going to add it to the ‘About Me’ page on my blog.


  • didn’t think I could do 20, but I think I could have kept going…..
  • sits and watches her baby sleep who is not a baby anymore lol! She’s just so angelic.
  • loves cuddles and kisses
  • love saying and hearing I Love You
  • loves playing
  • values role-play
  • dislikes bad language
  • sets off the smoke alarm from time to time
  • loves the smell of baby lotion
  • loves having her feet tickled
  • loves swimming lessons
  • feels all teary at every milestone and achievement
  • is called Mum, Mammy, Mama and Mummy all by my only child! (she’s still scoping for the right one)
  • loves how MT is absorbing a second language and wishes I could do so as easy!
  • tries to be a good role model
  • is raising a professional negotiator
  • wants everything and more for MT
  • loves hanging out with MT
  • misses and worries like I never thought I would
  • is passionate about early childhood education and highly values its importance
  • laughs when I shouldn’t

I now nominate:

Tracey from Mammy’s Kitchen

Jennifer from Speech Therapy Mom

Fiona from Dolly Dowsie

You need to write 20 points following the phrase I am the Mum who….

Have fun!



  1. Lovely 🙂 There is nothing in the world as comforting as a cuddle. I love watching my little people sleep too…the innocence is precious 🙂


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