Handmade with love – all mammies love homemade!! 

Why not make something nice for your mammy/mummy/mum/mom/ma or mother figure this Mothers Day. My Toddler and I have tried and tested this simple treat and parcelled it up using recycled materials found around the house. Be inventive if you don’t have exactly what we used. It’s even better if it’s personalised by you for that special person. Here’s a sneak peak at a few recyclables that I keep for things like this. I am definitely not a hoarder but I do allow a little!

We decided to use a plastic insert from a box of chocolates to make this years gift.

We melted chocolate (white, blue and milk), added some hazelnuts to the white chocolate, and orange to the milk chocolate spooned each colour into the different shapes in the tray and then added sprinkles. 

We left the tray in the fridge to cool. We then used a glass yogurt jar, some gift tissue and ribbon to wrap them up.

We also tried out some other ways to present them. 

In this recipe there are lots of opportunities for learning without evening knowing it.  There are also opportunities for your little one to show off what he/she already knows and receive praise for it for example: in our chocolate tray there are lots of different shapes and so when we were spooning in the melted chocolate, I asked which shape MT would like to use next. She got great satisfaction choosing and showing me she knew her shapes. There was also some science in this lesson as we had to melt down the chocolate. We had fun guessing which type of chocolate would melt fasted. Towards the end of the activity MT decided to add some flavour to the milk chocolate and so we added a teaspoon of freshly squeezed orange juice. We saw that now the chocolate was starting to thicken as the juice was cold and so we had to quickly finish the job before it was too late! MT probably won’t be able to tell me in a very complex adult way the reason behind the reaction with the orange juice but all this information is safely tucked away in her brain ready for the future. Don’t ever underestimate a child!!

Enjoy either making these for your special mum or ………

….. making them with your little ones as a Mother’s Day activity. It’s always nice to spend time with each other on Mother’s Day and even better if you have yummy chocolates to eat afterwards!!

 Most importantly have fun!


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