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About me……. or should I say us!!

Hi there, firstly welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit. I would like to introduce myself, give you a little background information and let you know how I ended up at My Toddler Cooks!

I am a mother to one – My Toddler, aka MT – who was my initial kick start to get into the kitchen. I became very conscious of what I put into my body during my pregnancy, and once MT started on solids I was determined to make the best for her. In university my own home cooked food was something like alá riz legumés – that’s the posh way of saying frozen vegetables and rice. I was not a big meat eater until my late 20’s when I went on an American adventure and ended up in a steakhouse. And so my foodie interest took off fuelled by my maternal instinct!

In 2012 I began 2 Girls with a Food Blog with my best friend Rebecca. As MT was predominately in the kitchen with me as I prepared she was always included in the process. She began with simple stirring, spooning, pouring as well as lots of spilling of course, to then try the mixers (under strict supervision of course). I made the kitchen child friendly rather than child proof. As a Montessori Teacher (3-12yrs) and Primary School Teacher, I started to observe how important skills from early childhood/education were being introduced in the kitchen and there was so much opportunity to refine these and master them all while having good fun. After participating in Foodcamp at Savour Kilkenny in 2013 and receiving positive feedback from co-bloggers I decided to focus on this area and so the My Toddler Cooks project began.

While not in the kitchen, I enjoy an active life! “If we’re not on an adventure in the woods with our wellies, we are on the bicycle searching to see what’s around the next corner – always exploring, learning and having fun”.

Here is a linky I was nominated to do describing me as a Mum! I am the Mum who…… I thought it would fit here nicely


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