Fussy Eaters

Have you ever gone blue in the face trying to encourage your little one(s) to eat??? anything other than sweets???

I am not going to say I have a solution for you, because every toddler is different, but I have found something that works for me and my toddler so I thought I would share it!


I recently bought a hand mixer, great for smoothies, soups and chopping big stews into little stews. It is my new toy in the kitchen and I shared my excitement with my toddler (MM). After making a chicken & vegetable soup with MM yesterday, we then went on to mix it together with our new tool and then spooned it into 5 containers for the freezer. After the first mix, MM had a taste and thought it needed one last blast and so we did that. With one final taste it was given the thumbs up and we began dividing it. Mee-Mee was having a sleepover in her aunt’s house that evening and so she took her dinner with her to eat there. She was so excited telling everyone about the dinner she had made and how she made it. She cleaned her plate without any problem.

MM saw each step in the making of the soup and saw everything that went into the pot. She knew what she was eating. Even when she came across lumps while chewing it wasn’t an issue.

As well as this helping with eating habits, it encourages and introduces new language and lots and lots of maths (shapes, counting, time etc)

My sous chef is such a super help! I think everyone needs one.


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