Back to school Treat!

In true Irish tradition, the weather forecasts to improve and show temps of 19-22 degrees this week! So feeling for all those kiddies getting back into school routines and the dreaded homework, I thought why not whip up some after school treats for them to encourage and motivate.!! It’s also great fun to get the kids to help with this one. The stirring & spooning is great for developing motor skills. These skills are needed for writing so the children will be warming up for all that homework and penmanship practice without even knowing. There is also lots of language opportunities which I will do a separate post in in the coming weeks. 

All you will need is your favourite natural yogurt & fresh raspberries


1. Mash some raspberries with natural yogurt and mix together.


2. Spoon into your pop moulds or just all into one big freeze friendly container.

 3. Top with a whole raspberry or two and Stick it in the freezer.

Experiment with your child’s favourite flavour  yogurt and fruit.

p.s. it looks like someone has already decided what we should do with the left overs!!


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