Let’s Cookalong Launch- Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes

Tesco have recently launched Let’s Cookalong as part of their Eat Happy Project. Children can now cookalong to cookery videos and have a delicious reward afterwards. There is so much learning while having so much fun. Children can chose recipes from Italy to India exposing them to geography and culture. Children have a natural instinct to learn about the world in which they live and what better way and place to do it than cooking/baking in the kitchen.

Children also:

  • Learn the names of utensils.
  • Learn the names of the ingredients, expanding their vocabulary and knowledge about food and diet.
  • Learn the names of kitchen equipment and use it under supervision.
  • Measure time, weight and temperature.
  • Build up motor skills by mixing, stirring and sieving among other jobs.
  • Observe how a recipe turns into a meal.
  • Reading recipes – for older children they can get lots of practise reading in the kitchen.
  • Learn a little science through mixing ingredients or boiling as well as watching baking rise in a hot oven.
  • Oral English is non-stop in the kitchen. Children have an opportunity to ask questions of curiosity, predicting, reporting, narrating and all while completely oblivious they are doing so.
  • Help with the shopping list (writing), and with the shopping itself learning about value, cost, payment and change.
  • Are more likely to eat especially fussy eaters as they have been part of the preparation process.

We really enjoyed the Cookalong videos. We made Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes to see how beetroot tasted in a bun! Along with a cream cheese icing, they tasted delicious and looked just like chocolate cupcakes! Mission accomplished 🙂

Here is how we got on:

Using the mini food processor (2)

mixing and sieveing (2)

Using the mini food processor (3)

If you have enjoyed reading about Cookalong videos from Tesco, why not try them out for yourself. We plan to try out some more recipes and are starting our shopping list already.


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