Blog Awards Ireland 2015 – Longlist

We are delighted to be on the Long list for The Blog Awards Ireland 2015. We are in the category of Education and Science and are amongst great blogs from primary schools and teachers to science for kids blogs to historical learning blogs. Now, the long list is being judged and a short list will be revealed on the 2nd of September. I’ve decided to add a few of my favourite posts here in a little celebration of making the long list. #learningisfun

  1. An Interview with Dr. Emma Haycraft A great interview for anyone worrying about a fussy eater.
  2. My Toddler writes her first recipe writing can start by having a little fun in the kitchen!
  3. Learning to count has never tasted better where maths tastes like cupcakes with smarties on top!
  4. Is it done yet? sound familiar???? Develop a concept of time in the kitchen!
  5. The 5 best things about pasta making building relationships as well as motor skills.

There are so many more so if you like these have a look at the menu tab under posts for much more.



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