A Feast Fit for a Prince & Princess and a FINISH GIVEAWAY!

Thanks to Princess Sofia, Amber and Prince James, our little ones love a Royal Feast! Going around the supermarket sneaking grand treats into the trolley and when pulled out at the checkout becoming better than any UN negotiator to make sure they pass on the belt and into the shopping bags. Venues for these so called Feasts range from the “house” aka a few sheets thrown over the couch and supported by cushions to the tent in the garden on a sunny day. The guest list also depends on the venue of course. If the event is held in the front garden, the guest list is endless with children passing the word around the complex/estate. Crowd control can become an issue and the host can become very irritable at those who are eating all the grand treats!

Pic courtesy of Pixabay
Pic courtesy of Pixabay

Our favourite venue is the “house” – It is safe and secure and just looks like a little furniture moving is happening. No one will ever suspect that under the covers are bowls & plates full of yummy treats the kids have helped make.

Of course I forgot the mention that every grand feast has a very important dress code. A princess dress and shoes or for the boys a crown and prince attire. The longer the dress the more authentic of course because then you need to lift it just like a real princess.

Beverages vary from smoothies and fruit juices to hot/cold chocolate (weather dependent)

Usually after the exciting and eventful time, chocolate has stuck to the glasses and managed to get onto other dishes, glasses have been stacked on top of each other and have not yet been rinsed and Mummy and Daddy are looking under the couch for the remaining cutlery and treats that have made their way onto the floor. Watch where you step!!

pic courtesy of pixabay

Encourage the kids to help out. It is great for their independence, co-ordination not to mention those motor muscles.

With thanks to Finish there is a quick, very refreshing  and low on time demand solution. Seeing as it is summertime and knowing there will be a lot of kiddies as well as adults feasts scheduled, Finish have kindly  offered to give one lucky reader a few treats to help with the clean up:

Rinse Aid Lemon 400ml

Dishwasher Cleaner 250ml

Quantum Max Shine & Protect lemon 30 tabs

Performance Enhancing Dishwasher Salt 5kg

We all know someone has to do it! 




  1. Well done to Catherine Killen, the winner of the Finish goodies! Thanks to everyone else who entered! We still have another lovely competition running with Funky Giraffe Bibs. Closing date is next weekend.


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