Apple Pie Roses

Today is the first weekend of Summer in Ireland so we thought it was worth celebrating. We did so by making these Apple Pie Roses which are very simple, look really well, and taste even better.

First we made a simple pastry with 8oz flour, 4oz butter & 4-5tblps of water. We rubbed the butter into the flour to make a breadcrumb like mix and added the water to bring it together into a dough that we could roll. We also used flour when rolling to avoid the dough sticking to both the surface and rolling pin.


Then by following the simple steps below, we made our Apple Pie Roses.


Here is a video of MT rolling the pastry in step 4. This is a super motor control exercise and because the child can work independently it transfers a feeling confidence, an important aspect of child development.


Happy Summer Funtimes!



  1. I love this!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Sharing on Facebook now. I also love the cute video on how to roll it into a rose. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for linking up on Toddler Fun Friday!


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