Our first YouTube video is gone live!

I love looking back at all the photos I’ve taken of My Toddler as she is growing and developing particularly the ones I take in the kitchen and those close up’s of the little hands working away whether it be mixing, stirring, beating, sieving, using a tongs and so much more. I just can’t get enough of knowing how they are benefiting from all the activities we do in the kitchen.

After trying out one of the recipes from Tesco’s Eat Happy Project this weekend, I was looking back over the photos and had even taken some video and so I decided (spur of the moment) to try make an official video by adding all the media together. Then I added some text and after watching it, wanted to share it with you to get some feedback, and just to share in general to hopefully inspire some mums and dads to try out some fun activities & recipes in the kitchen with their kids.

If you would like to try the recipe too which by the way was delicious follow this link.  MT’s favourite fruit is mango but when she saw there was chicken, lettuce and mango together I think Neophobia kicked in and she put up a bit of a guard. With a little encouragement that went a little like this, she cleaned her plate:

MT: “I don’t like it!”

ME: “But you haven’t tasted it – It’s OK not to like something, but first we need to try it”

I put a small piece of chicken, mango and brioche onto a fork, tell her to take a deep breathe and in it goes!

ME: “Chew Chew Chew….. see if you can find the mango…. have you found it?”

MT: nods the head in yes motion!

ME: “Now see if you can find the brioche”

MT: Again nods the head in a yes motion…. swallows and smiles….. “YUM that was delicious”!!!. Eats some more and finishes with encouragement. Wants to make it tomorrow for Daddy!

Note: We substituted the pitta bread with brioche as we had no pitta and didn’t want to let our brioche go to waste. I really liked the sweet combination between the mango and brioche. Next time we’ll try the pitta. Perfect recipe for a picnic!


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