Belonging in the kitchen

How many of us endlessly put safety locks on the cupboard/press doors to avoid the children getting in and messing everything up?. Yes, in most cupboards/presses, it is a safety requirement, but how many of us have one cupboard/press that is created especially for the child and has only safe items in their for he/she to pull out time and time again. Try it!!
I usually include tuber wear items, cleaned containers i.e. milk cartons with lids, wooden spoons, whisks, spoons, spatulas, cake tins, cupcake moulds and anything else deemed safe for the age and ability. This introduces them to fun in the kitchen from a young age and continues to do so as you can change the items as the child grows. Of course where there is fun, there can be learning and learning to sort lids, ordering containers in order of size or categorizing them in terms of shapes, colour, size are all early maths exercises. Language is everywhere there is conversation so talk with your babies & children. Give them the correct vocabulary and try not to use “baby words” if you can help it. Baby words are created by adults. Children are all able for the correct terminology and over time will learn to use  correctly when immersed in language within the right context! Ok let’s not get too technical 🙂 Back to the fun. Head on down to IKEA and fill this cupboard you are going to hand over to your su chef with lots of different sizes, colours and shapes all suitable to their age and ability.

photo (3)

I have a better photo of our press/cupboard that I will add here once I can track it down. I have photo on the door that MT recognises as hers and so from an early age she knew this was her space!


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