Learning to count never tasted better!

counting to 5

 Who doesn’t love fairy cakes? They give us the chance to do some nice, simple home baking. They are very quick to make and have left memorable childhood memories. Recently, I made fairy cakes with My Toddler and made it into a FUN Math’s activity.

Firstly, we made and baked the fairy cakes. Odlums have a nice recipe on their website. Click here to check it out.

We then iced them with simple melted chocolate (not quite as bad as icing sugar and food colouring!)

We then took a pack of smarties and counted some out 1-10. During this you can ask your child to find 5 blue, green, red and so on, also incorporating colours into the activity. We then put 1 smartie on the first fairy cake, 2 on the next and so on up to 5. You can decide where you want to stop based on your own child.

Concrete understanding of the number is so important and is something that has been lacking among children in schools. This was a really fun way to teach / reinforce this concept. You can then take it further when the child is ready by asking which has more / less and so on. You are now not only working on math’s but also language within maths which is another area that often challenges children in school.

Hope you have as much fun as we did!


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